The Masters Way Ladder of Success

The Masters Way Ladder of Success used in the course leads you step by step from debt bondage to financial freedom in 21 lessons: from Kingdom Seeker to Kingdom Champion, the goal being hearing those coveted words of the Master: “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant.” Follow these steps and you will soon determine this course was pivotal in your effort to become independent in your personal and business finances. Note: Lessons 1 & 16 are free samples.

Your fast-track to 100% debt Freedom in 21 Lessons

In The Masters Way; The Road to Financial Freedom you will find a wealth of practical and time tested methods designed to accelerate your goal of becoming Debt Free. In my 30 years counseling, teaching and writing on this subject, I’ve been amazed how God takes the disheartened and supernaturally acts to bring them out of demoralizing indebtedness to freedom following these principles. Based soundly on God’s unchanging Word, and compiled into logical and practical steps, the student will find new hope in themselves and in God’s rich goodness working hand in hand with you toward success and victory! To get started, go to and download the free forms, ladder and lesson 6 sample.

Are you ready to be Financially Free?

There are few things in life that compare with the relief one feels when you have finally broken away from debt. Think of being able to: pay bills on time, own your car outright or buy one in cash, have ready margin to tithe and give to others when needs arise, pay for that next vacation worry free, eventually pay off your home mortgage (I’ve seen this happen in less than 2 years in many cases), 100% fund your child’s education and more! This training has the information to get you there!